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Cirrus Vodka


Paul McCann walks into a bar in 2003. While searching the selection to quench his thirst, he notices one thing: there is no domestic vodka. Anywhere. So he creates one.

A year later, Cirrus enters the San Francisco world spirits competition, the James Beard equivalent for beverages. Amidst all the fancy Europeans with years of tradition and experience, Cirrus walks away with a silver medal.

The acclaim and ensuing demand quickly makes Cirrus too big for it’s distillery. While growth can sometimes lead to demise, Cirrus stayed true to it’s origins: the product. In 2006, Cirrus returns to San Francisco and takes gold. Over the next five years, demand for Cirrus grows on such a national scale, production cannot keep up. Instead of cutting corners, Cirrus decides to do it right. Additional investors are brought in to build a state of the art, stainless steel and copper still. Production stays true to it’s hands on start.

Cirrus uses only the finest ingredients and care to make the best tasting vodka available. We are glad to be back. And for those whom we have yet to meet, pull up a chair and let us introduce ourselves. Cirrus vodka. Hand crafted to be savored.

So what. Aren’t all vodkas made from potatoes?

No. Despite the common misconception that all vodkas are made from potatoes, the vast majority of vodkas are made from grains – usually wheat, rye, corn or a combination of the three.

So, why use potatoes?

Because potatoes make the best and smoothest vodka.

Potato vodkas are more expensive and much more difficult to produce than grain vodkas – but we think it’s worth the time and effort.


We add pure spring water to the potatoes and begin to cook with steam, constantly stirring to ensure the smoothest taste. Our stainless steel tanks keep it pure and simple. The mash is then carefully transferred to a fermenting tank where yeast and enzymes are added to change the mash to alcohol. We triple distill the alcohol and guide the mix through copper and stainless steel to create 190 proof base. It is then blended with purified water to create our premium 80 proof vodka. Our finished product is bottled, corked, and sealed

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